“I've used many therapists over the years. Emma was recommended by a friend and whilst the my horses had all been getting regular sessions from different therapeutic modalities, I thought were in as good as shape as I could hope, given how much I had spent on them. I took my friends advice and we got Emma.

Emma has seen 4 of my horses.  I cannot believe the difference. She is the therapist that looks like she does the least but the improvements are the GREATEST. 

My mate Ira suffered an injury years ago in his left front leg, despite hours and hours of rehab over years and many therapists and sessions. It was Emma on the very first visit that gave him back a normal swing in his shoulder and paces. Over a few months and sessions the shape of his left front foot is nearly normal after regressing to looking very clubby. 
Angie had several severe problems as a youngster, again lots of treatments. I tried for 3 years to get her off her forehand and lift, she had no wither. Immediate improvement after the first session, things she had struggled with she could do with ease and QUALITY. Profound differences after further sessions. It's so exciting, she now progresses as you would expect after really struggling for so long, she is the dancing pocket rocket with normal conformation and posture I always thought was there and I couldn't release.”

“Thank you so much for finding our beautiful pony Gossip and bringing him back to his original self, and for helping to ease Ziggy’s discomfort.  Tonight, the girls had rides on both ponies.  Gossip had his second ride under saddle, and was so calm and gentle just like he used to be.  Ziggy had his first ride under saddle, no stress, in fact relaxed head & neck for the first time ever.  I am thrilled to say the least, thank you from me, from the kids, and especially from the ponies who have both benefited from your amazing work.

“For anyone that knows Emma Loftus, the Cranio-sacral lady, this will be of no surprise.  Emma was passing through Bendigo so I had her check over my girl. One photo shows the distinct asymmetry of my young mare’s eyes that she has had for some time. According to Emma, this was caused by a left lateral strain at the base of the skull. I can't pretend to understand Emma's methodology, but after an hour + of treatment, there was a definite improvement in the asymmetry. Needs several more treatments.....but what an improvement! Her asymmetrical eyes had often been pointed out by the more observant people........accompanied by various theories. Post treatment my mare was no longer being resistant on right rein. Whereas before she had been aggressively pushy when right flexion was asked for......while doing in-hand Straightness Training. Now she is completely compliant when right flexion is asked for!  Cannot thank Emma enough for helping to resolving this issue. “

“I was very happy yesterday as for the first time in a long time I could see quite a significant change in him, which is giving me some hope of getting him back in the dressage ring.
Thanks Again Emma I really appreciate everything you are doing to help Santaro.”


“Ripley felt heaps better after her treatment which I was very happy with and I feel that she is going well, much better than last time, getting better all the time and improving over the poles. I had a fantastic ride on Saturday, best she's gone so very happy with her progress.”

 “Bingley is certainly improving, he looks happier in the paddock and is feeling so much straighter, stronger and correct under saddle. The photos look like a different horse standing up! The latest photo looks like everything in his body is now connected…..
I couldn't believe how good he was for the treatment.  It's gratifying to see him getting more comfortable with it and benefiting more each time.”


  “What an amazing improvement for Palumo! I am thrilled with the overall response.  He looks a much more relaxed chap and has certainly filled out.  Well done!
Thank you for all your hard work.”


“Hi Emma, Marco benefited from his first CranioSacral session last week.  Tamsin said that he was very light in the hand but with a good contact when she rode him a couple of days after his session.”

 “Thank you for your work today. I had to laugh, Raff spent all afternoon in the arena, same spot, not moving and Dex stood by the water trough all afternoon, not moving.  The Craniosacral sessions certainly have an effect on the boys.”

“Rosie was amazing following her first craniosacral session. Her trot was so much more active and she looked as though she really wanted to be there.
Her left rein canter was lovely & balanced and she maintained it. On the right rein canter she dropped out of it once then maintained it until asked to come back to trot.
(Ailsa and Maddison)